Adolfo Hurtado verlaat Cono Sur

Hét gezicht van Cono Sur, chief-winemaker en general manager Adolfo Hurtado, verlaat na 20 jaar de Cono-Sur-Family. Hij doet het met pijn in het hart en om persoonlijke redenen, die niet nader worden omschreven. Hurtado was met Cono Sur in Chili één van de eerste pinot-noir-pioniers. Cono Sur gooit nu hoge ogen met de verschillende pinot noirs en de Ocio als icoonwijn.

More than a company, for me, Viña Cono Sur is a family. It is a family that we have built together, and all those who are reading this letter should feel responsible for its success, and for being able to position it as one of the most successful and renowned wine producers in the world. Today, with deep emotion, I must inform you that due to personal reasons that I have contemplated and reflected on for a long time, and which I have discussed with those closest to me, I have decided to step aside from this wonderful project. I leave the company with great sadness, but also with the tremendous satisfaction of doing what I think is best for me and my family’s future, as well as the enormous peace of mind of leaving Cono Sur in a state of continued growth and having achieved the success that it deserves.

Zo schrijft hij in een afscheidsbrief die 23 januari is verspreid. Paul Konar, ex-General Manager van Quinta de Maipo, wordt de nieuwe GM van Cono Sur.


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