Aloïs Lageder | The Green Emblem

24 wineries van over de hele wereld behaalden de Robert Parker Wine Advocate green emblem – waaronder Alois Lageder. Het Groene Embleem wordt gegeven aan producenten die zich inzetten voor duurzaamheid, milieubescherming op lange termijn en biodiversiteit.

Lees verder in het persbericht:

A global team of ten experienced wine critics selected the wineries. According to the jury, “the Green Emblem recognizes a producer that extends the efforts far beyond the requirements for organic and/or biodynamic certification, serving as true ambassadors for environmentally friendly practices.” With this award, the team around Robert Parker wants to highlight wineries where sustainable viticulture and high quality go hand in hand.

Alois Clemens Lageder, CEO of the winery: “We are very grateful for this award. The Green Emblem awards not only our wine but the entire winery and the associated farm with all its biodiversity. However, I think this recognition does not only refer to the results we have achieved, but also to the path we have taken. We are not yet where we want to be. A few years ago, for example, we set ourselves the goal of having all the vineyards of our 80 vintner partners certified organic by 2024. It takes time to motivate the partners to go down this path with us. But we are convinced that it is the right path, as the award from Robert Parker has once again confirmed.”

Helena Lageder, who is responsible for communications and marketing in the family business, also sees a great advantage from the consumer’s point of view: “It is nice to see that respected wine critics are taking a step in this direction and giving more weight to the issue of sustainability. Among restaurateurs and also private customers, awareness of quality and sustainability has risen sharply in recent years. Consumers want to know what is behind the product, where the grapes come from and how the vineyard is managed. The Green Emblem helps to bring wine lovers closer to the topic of sustainability.”


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