Grand Prix du Vins de Suisse

Grand Prix du Vins de Suisse

vins du suisseA new record for the number of participants for the 7th annual Grand Prix du Vin Suisse, competition that opens today in Sierre and runs until 29 June. Nearly 3.100 wines from 598 producers from Switzerland will be up against each other in this competition organized jointly by the Vinea Association and wine revue Vinum. In today’s tight market, the need for public recognition is very much in the news. 

The GPVS offers Swiss producers as a whole an exceptionally good opportunity to present their products. The Vinea team is hard at work redaying the 3,100 bottles ready to open for the 150 judges who, from one year to the next descend on Sierre to note, rank and evaluate the wines submitted to them during the six days of the competition.


The GPVS serves as a barometer for the quality of Swiss wines in a market that is highly competitive. The strong participation of wine producers in the competition clearly shows the importance for them of medals obtained during competitions, to which consumers and buyers are turning increasingly for guidance. The figures speak for themselves: this 7th GPVS has set a record for participation, with 3,100 wines registered.


The other explanation for this level of success is the media coverage given in 2012, with nearly 250 articles appearing, making this one of the most important showcases for Swiss wines.


Winners in 12 categories

In mid-August, the names of the silver and gold medal winners will be announced, as well as the 72 wines that are nominated to win top prizes in 12 categories. A reminder: only 30% of the wines entered in the competition may receive a gold or silver medal, according to the strict regulations of the USOE, which oversees the competition.


Gala and Winemaker of the Year

The Gala des Vins Suisses evening takes place 29 October at the Kulturcasino in Bern, with key figures from the world of Swiss wine present. The names of the winners of the 2013 Swiss wine prizes will be revealed during the evening. The top 3 wines in the 12 categories will each receive a trophy and 4 special prize winners will be announced. This year, for the first time, the awards will feature 2 Vinissimo prizes, one for the white wine with the highest number of overall points during the competition and a prize for the best red wine of the competition.


The Swiss Winemaker of the Year will also be named during the evening. This much sought-after award, based on a number of criteria, goes to the wine producer with the best overall results among the 600 whose wines are entered in the GPVS.


A tour of Switzerland

– its regions, its grape varieties
The judges will be given a tour of Switzerland thanks to the 12 categories of wines. Chasselas and Pinot Noir, the two most representative grape varieties of Switzerland, are very much present, with 471 and 441 wines submitted, respectively. The star category is once again white single grape wines (varietals), with 621 wines, followed by red blends (376) and wines with residual sugar (164).

All of the country’s wine-producing regions are represented. Wines from canton Valais account for one-third of the registrations, which corresponds exactly to the share the canton has of all Swiss vineyards, in terms of growing area. Canton Vaud and German-speaking Switzerland together have entered 1,500 wines, virtually half of those entered. The three other regions are also well represented: Geneva, Ticino, and the Three Lakes region. The results will therefore serve as a good illustration of the quality and diversity of Switzerland’s wine production as a whole.

The goal of the organizers has been to make the GPVS the competition par excellence for Swiss wine producers. The nearly 3.100 wines entered by some 600 producers from throughout Switzerland indicate clearly that the country’s winemakers are showing their confidence in this national competition.


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