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Vorig werd Job de Swart Neerlands derde Master of Wine. Een jaar later zijn er weer 14 nieuwe Masters of Wine (maar geen Nederlander), 6 MW’s zijn in februari bekend gemaakt en 8 afgelopen vrijdag. Inmiddels zijn er 390 Masters of Wine uit 30 landen, in de laatste 12 jaar zijn er minimaal 90 bijgekomen, want enkelen zijn ons ook ontvallen. Lees verder in het Engelstalig persbericht:

The new members of the IMW are Julien Boulard MW (PR China), Thomas Curtius MW (Germany), Dominic Farnsworth MW (UK), Lydia Harrison MW (UK), Heidi Mäkinen MW (Finland), Christine Marsiglio MW (UK), Edward Ragg MW (PR China) and Gus Jian Zhu MW (USA).

There are now 390 Masters of Wine, based in 30 countries across the world.

The new MWs have proved their understanding of all aspects of wine by passing the Master of Wine examination, recognised worldwide for its rigour and high standards.

The MW examination consists of three stages and culminates in the submission of a final research paper, an in-depth study on a wine-related topic from any area of the sciences, arts, humanities, or social sciences.

In addition to passing the examination, all MWs are required to sign the MW code of conduct before they are entitled to use the initials MW. The code of conduct requires MWs to act with honesty and integrity and to use every opportunity to share their understanding of wine with others.

There are 14 Masters of Wine in the ‘2019 vintage’, as Edouard Baijot MW (France), Nicholas Jackson MW (USA), Brendan Jansen MW (Australia), Jonas Röjerman MW (Sweden), Harriet Tindal MW (Ireland) and Jonas Tofterup MW (Spain) were announced as MWs in February. They will all be formally welcomed to the IMW at a ceremony in London later this year.

The 2019 crop shows the increasing internationalisation of the IMW. The top six countries where MWs are based around the world are Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

Meer info over de nieuwe Masters of Wine (wel even naar beneden scrollen): Nieuwe Masters of Wine


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