record aantal examenandi IMW

Record aantal Master of Wine examinandi

imwEen record aantal examinandi nam deze week deel aan het closed book examination van de MW opleiding. Maar liefst 106 studenten deden in drie steden – London, Sydney en Napa – mee aan het examen. Degenen die slagen gaan daarna door naar de derde deel van de MW opleiding nl. de research paper. Van de Nederlandse studenten deed alleen Job de Swart mee. Claudia Schug van de gelijknamige winery in Carneros nam ook de pen ter handen. Hieronder staat het persbericht van het Institute. Op de site van het IMW zijn de vragen te downloaden.



A record number of students on three continents took the Master of Wine closed book Examination this week. 106 students sat the Practical and Theory exams in London, Sydney, and Napa. The final exam, which took place on the morning of 07 June in all three centres, was followed by the traditional Champagne reception, provided by Institute Principal Supporter the Madame Bollinger Foundation.

John Hoskins MW, Chief Examiner for the Institute of Masters of Wine, said: We’re very proud of all the students who took the exam this week. We sincerely hope that all their hard work will be rewarded when the results come out in September. Those of us who have taken the examination will clearly remember the sense of relief and achievement that comes with the end of the final exam.

Those who are successful in the closed book exams will go on to take the third part of the MW exam, the Research Paper, which gives candidates the opportunity to pursue individual research and take a deeper look at an area of personal interest related to the wine world.

Penny Richards, Executive Director of the Institute, said: ‘The Institute is first and foremost a Membership organisation. Passing the exam is just the first stage. It’s the gateway to an immensely fulfilling life as a Master of Wine, with all the pleasure and benefit that come from being part of such a diverse global organisation. We all saw the joy that our Members take in each other’s company at our Symposium in Florence last month, and we’re delighted that our student body are such a mutually supportive and committed group. Whatever their results, we are sure that the journey through the Master of Wine Study Programme will have been a fulfilling one.


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