In Memoriam Henri Krug

In Memoriam Henri Krug 1937 – 2013


henriKrugChampagneschrijver Michael Edwards schreef een persoonlijk In memoriam voor Henri Krug:
I was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Henri Krug last thursday, March 7th. Olivier, his son, knew I was away from home and he most sensitively sent a  message, simply saying he wanted me to have this heavy news from him and not to hear about it first from others.  I was, and am still, quite affected by Henri’s passing.


For he was a father figure and mentor to me, when I first started writing about Champagne in the early 1990s. In our age of instant communications, apt tributes to Henri have flowed….his profound knowledge of Champagne, his meticulous approach to blending, his innovations like Krug Rose and the launch of the single vineyard Clos du Mesnil. But what I most remember about Henri was his humanity. He was a great gentleman in the only sense of the term that really matters – consideration  for others. And he was never a wine bore; one delighted in talking to him on any subject under the sun. Henri, as the Germans say, was Ein Mensch, a very proper person. I shall miss him very much.  


Michael Edwards 


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